This server is privately owned,operated and funded by its members.


How to setup and install and use properly

Setup for[Make up your User Name]---[Make up your Password]
Tell these to our admin personal.
(Both are safe) Admin will enter this information in the server for you.
In the window that shows DOMAIN: Type in in the window type your Username NEXT type in your password click a check in the remember boxs all three. Last but least click on Login button.
  • Please write this info down for safe keeping. Welcome Enjoy
  • First you will need the client iVisit375 installed can be found on the link above.
  • Secondly you will want to have installed a program such as ManyCam 3.1.43 and no newer is needed.
  • ManyCam lets you use it to distribute your web camera Video to many video applications at one time.
  • Visitors please Login using Domain: username= guest Password= guest and click Logon Button

      Address book guides you thru the rooms were upto 8 people can video conference.

    Click on Ham Radio link!